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Bourton Meadow Education Trust is pleased to announce that they have expanded to include two primary schools in Northampton. This local education Trust now has five primary schools and a Teacher training school.

The directors of Bourton Meadow Education Trust (BMET) are delighted to announce that Spring Lane Primary and Lumbertubs Primary School have joined on September 1st, 2018.

Previously a Buckingham only based Trust of three primary schools we have decided to expand meaning we can gain economies of scale while creating the least local-level change.

A larger trust brings greater economies of scale, sharing good practice, shared training and shared roles. Having been a three school Multi-Academy Trust (MAT) since 2015, we have been able to consolidate and have been ready to expand to five schools. Government recommendations state that local Multi Academy Trust’s s with around 3000 pupils would be the optimum size. We’ll work towards this slowly. We now have about 1700 pupils.

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